I grew up a California girl, lived a charmed life on the California coast, starting out in Malibu moved up to Big Sur and ended up in Santa Monica, till settling in Florida in 2021 and not ever been happier since.

While actively pursuing an acting career, early on, I ran in all the glamorous Hollywood circles, winning beauty pageants and acting in bit parts as well as starring in independent movies, TV and film.

The last decade becoming an entrepreneur, I put on a CEO hat and ran a design company being very creative I reached the upper echelons serving the elites, at the same time maintaining a few meaningful exclusive relationships which kept things exciting as I traveled the globe and lived California beachfront for the past 25 years in my ivory tower.

With a new start in the Florida countryside, I'm getting back down to earth, enjoying new friends, having meaningful relationships, making new memories while pursuing a healthy fit lifestyle in the Sunshine State. All while actively maintaining a plant-based, organic diet, staying balanced, I'm learning to grow a garden - A secret garden maybe one day I can invite you to...

I enjoy beautiful sunsets, uplifting music, amazing passion, a candlelight dinner with the right person, is just as fabulous to me, as the finest dining, theaters and opera in the best cities around the world.

While I'm passport ready, I love the outdoors and adventures in my own back yard like hiking, horseback riding, biking, surfing, skating, yoga and laying out by a private lake with a picnic or just spending quality time no matter where it is with the right person, is what life is really all about.

As a petite 108/ 5' 2"/ size 0-2/ shoe size 6, I'm a mature crown sweetheart, a natural vibrant blonde, with golden green eyes and curves in all the right places, who will be honored to make your acquaintance, if you've gotten this far and like to find out more about me.

Please feel free to email me in the meantime, with any unanswered questions or special requests you may have, along with your information for verification and screening. Hopefully, we can form an unforgettable union and I can be your one-in-a-million precious Starlet Playmates!