Regular Contributor - Johnathan Stuart

What is your idea of the perfect date? When everything unfolds perfectly, we fall into each other's arms right in sync and can not stand to be without each other another minute or moment ever again!

What is your favorite romantic getaway? Big Sur or Hawaii

Favorite local dinner spot? Gratitude Venice

What is your sexiest outfit? Nothing at all...

What is your favorite piece of lingerie? All of my AP ;)

What is the best gift you've ever received? Big diamond stud earrings!!

Where is the most unique place you have ever had sex with someone? Under a waterfall

What are your thoughts on "role playing" as part of foreplay to sex? Love it with the right person, setting and of course attire, then it's a total turn on. Especially when both people totally commit. My favorite is Female Worshiping of course.

What is the biggest sexual turnoff for you? STI's...

What is your secret to making a man feel relaxed when you meet him? Give him a big hug and kiss look into his eyes deeply and say hi so happy to meet you.

One travel destination that is on your "bucket list"? Discover a deserted Island.

What are your thoughts about "threesomes"? Yes! Yes! Yes!...
When was the last time a married couple asked you to spice up their sex life? A politician and his wife wanted me to have a hot guy join us so I ask a client who was too shy to say yes. Then a girlfriend offered her porn star boyfriend, except when they called back to book I didn't answer the phone since I wasn't that attracted to the porn star and didn't know what other guy to invite. Later the client I asked to go said he wished he went with me after all!

Do you have women clients and if not, are you open to it? Of course YES!

What is the best part about what you do? That I get to indulge in taking great care of myself and not have to feel guilty because it's part of my job so to make sure I'm the best that I can be takes regular beauty regimes, exercise and pampering fun, fun, fun...

What's the first thing you look for when you meet someone for the first time? A genuine smile and the feeling I get when we first meet.

One thing that a date can do to turn you off? Ask me my age.
Most memorable date? When someone asked me on a first date to anywhere I wanted to go in the world.

Worst date? Tranny bar

3 people who are on your date wish list? Hard to list because I do not feel like I care to date anyone famous as much as what their character offers and who they are inside. Visually speaking 3 men who I find interesting are...Brad Pitt, Prince William, Elon Musk.